Braces are appliances which are fixed on teeth to align the teeth in proper position. Problems like spaces between teeth, malaligned teeth, crowded and crooked teeth can be easily treated by wearing braces. Crowded and malaligned teeth ruin the smile of an otherwise attractive face and also cause gum inflammation and bone loss. It is crucial to have aligned teeth not only for aesthetics but also for good oro-dental health.

Complete orthodontic treatment by braces for malaligned teeth

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Unique solutions for orthodontic treatment offered by Smilexpertz, Gurgaon

We have a team of highly experienced orthodontists in the Gurgaon, Delhi NCR capable of providing the best orthodontic solutions for correction of malaligned teeth as Installation of braces is an orthodontic treatment is a complicated procedure. We can assure that the orthodontic options offered to you will provide the best results in a stipulated time with minimal discomfort. We offer various treatment options in Fixed and Removable Orthodontics. For Fixed Orthodontics, one can opt for Metallic, Ceramic and Lingual braces. For Removable Orthodontics, one can opt for Invisalign or Clear Path. The time duration for these options varies from 6 months to 2 years depending on the severity of malocclusion. We also offer fixed and removable retainers options for prevention of post-orthodontic replace.

Pediatric orthodontic solutions at Smilexpertz, Gurgaon include Habit breaking appliances for thumb sucking or tongue thrusting and Space maintainers for immature loss of milk teeth due to decay.

Smilexpertz advantage

Smilexpertz is an ISO 9001:2015 multi-specialty dental clinic where expert and experienced dentists deal with even the most complicated dental problems. Our team of dentists adopts the most non-invasive treatments to ensure that the patients have a comfortable and pain-free experience. We make sure that our treatment meets the latest standards of the industry with the help of the most advanced equipment for right diagnosis to deliver highest-quality pain-free treatments to the patients. Moreover, we offer dental services and treatment packages at the most competitive costs in Delhi NCR.

Other Services and treatments by Smilexpertz

We offer a broad range of dental services for all your dental problems. We also offer services such as dentures, gum treatment, pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, tooth jewelry, dental tattoos, teeth splinting, Smile designing, etc.

If you are looking for dental treatments and solutions in Gurgaon Delhi NCR, wait no more! Contact Smilexpertz, Gurgaon for expert dental solutions.

Best solutions for Kids (Paediatric) dentistry
Smilexpertz, Gurgaon offers the best Kids (Paediatric) Dentistry solutions in and around the Delhi-NCR region through highly-qualified and experienced pediatric dentists.