Gum Treatments – an overview

Sometimes pain in the mouth or bad smell is a direct result of untreated problems in gums. Periodic dental check-ups and professional cleaning of teeth or scaling can help in preventing the majority of dental health problems. One of the most common gum problems is inflammation and bleeding from gums with foul smell also known as Gingivitis. If left untreated or ignored, it can result in spreading of infection to the underlying bone and supporting structures which can ultimately lead to loss of teeth. This condition is also known as Periodontitis. Most of the periodontal diseases can be easily prevented by periodic dental checkups, and disease treatments such as Scaling, Root planning and even Surgery of gums.

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Gum treatments form an important part of dentistry and gum problems are often taken for granted. However, gum diseases, if detected well in time can result in the prevention of numerous problems of the teeth. Our periodontal experts provide painless gum treatments with the help of the latest dental equipment, oral treatments and technology. We also follow international levels of sterilization to provide patients with desired results. We educate all our dental patients on proper oral hygiene measures to ensure that most of the gum and teeth diseases are nipped in the bud.

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Smilexpertz is one of the top multispecialty dental clinics in Gurgaon Delhi-NCR region which is certified by the International Standards Organization – ISO 9001:2015. Smilexpertz dental clinics uphold the highest standards of quality and dental sterilization over and above complying with all the norms and regulations laid down by the IDA. Smilexpertz, Gurgaon boasts of the most modern dental treatments and state-of-the-art dental equipment to offer the best dental solutions to the patients. Combining the expertise of the most experienced periodontal surgeons, advanced treatment methodology, and equipment, Smilexpertz can deliver world-class periodontal disease treatments to all patients.

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Over and above gum treatments, Smilexpertz, Gurgaon offers a broad range of dental treatments for a myriad of dental problems not just for adults but kids too. If your children suffer from dental problems, Smilexpertz, Gurgaon specializes in Kids (Paediatric) dentistry to offer the best solutions to all your dental needs.

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Best solutions for Kids (Paediatric) dentistry
Smilexpertz, Gurgaon offers the best Kids (Paediatric) Dentistry solutions in and around the Delhi-NCR region through highly-qualified and experienced pediatric dentists.