Is Crown Necessary After Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal Treatment in Gurgaon

At the time of root canal treatment, many patients have questions regarding dental crown, like “Is it necessary to place a dental crown” or “why should we spend extra money for the dental crown after root canal treatment when there is no pain”. Ideally, the final step in root canal treatment is fixing a dental crown. And YES, it’s important to place a dental crown after root canal treatment.

Ultimately, your treating dentist will let you know what is the best treatment option to restore your tooth to normalcy.  

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Nowadays root canals are the most common procedure in modern dentistry. Increased awareness has minimized the fear of pain amongst individuals. It is commonly accepted by multitudes that root canal therapy is meant to alleviate pain and preserve the natural tooth. Mostly, the treatment is not complete without placing a dental crown.

Is a Crown Necessary After a Root Canal

Root canal therapy saves teeth from further decay but fails to restore their former strength. So the RC-treated tooth needs a dental crown or protective cap for added reinforcement.

A dentist advises a dental crown after a root canal treatment for several reasons. These include:

  • Gives strength to a fragile tooth- Damage or injury, the trauma of drilling for access opening or the removed tissue, can affect tooth to become more fragile after a root canal. The placement of a dental crown gives strength to the tooth, which needs to stay longer and prevent any future tooth damage.
  • Prevention of infections- When the tooth becomes infected, it is at higher risk for secondary infection or recontamination. To avoid an extraction, a dental crown provides an extra protective layer against infection.
  • For sensitivity protection- Get a dental crown to tolerate the chill or heat better.
  • Gives a natural-looking appearance- A tooth may appear deeply stained or grey without the pulp. A dental crown restores the whiter shade of teeth.
  • Those who clench or grind their teeth, this condition known as Bruxism, will undoubtedly need a dental crown following root canal therapy. After root canal treatment, the tooth becomes weak, and immense pressure is applied by bruxism habit on the freshly treated tooth. Bruxism can weaken healthy teeth; imagine what will happen to the hollow tooth.
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What are the Benefits of a Dental Crown?

Some fantastic benefits have been seen with a dental crown. In fact, a study in the Journal of Endodontics found a 90% survival rate for teeth placed with crowns after root canal treatment. Some questions are discussed below to give you a clear understanding of the importance of dental crowns post root canal treatment:

  • Where is the tooth located?  It is necessary to get a dental crown if the root canal-treated tooth is in the back (molars or premolars). Because back teeth always face the highest masticatory forces of chewing and grinding, they require extra strength. Hence it is necessary to get a dental crown for these teeth in the posterior region.
  • What is the condition of the tooth? The more infected or injured tooth, then the higher chance you will need a dental crown. If the endodontist needs to excavate a large amount of the decayed tooth structure during the root canal procedure, there is an absolute need for a crown to reinforce the tooth.
  • Has this tooth been restored before? If the tooth has already undergone multiple restoration treatments — including the root canal treatment — it must need a dental crown to maintain its function and appearance.

In the end, the dental professional will help you to tell the best option for restoring the treated tooth after a root canal treatment. If you’re concerned about the root canal treatment cost or the appearance of a dental crown, discuss those concerns with the dental specialist who can help you to find the best option.

What is root canal treatment and cost?

Root canal treatment is one of the most common dental treatments where the endodontist gains access to the pulp of a tooth to disinfect the tooth. 

When the infection has reached the roots of a tooth via the pulp tissue, the condition is known as pulpitis.

Pulpitis occurs when the infection is not removed at the early stage of tooth decay. It can also occur when there is sudden damage to a tooth due to trauma or accident and allows an infection into the pulp tissue. Then the tooth needs root canal therapy to alleviate the pain and minimize the chances of any future secondary infection.

However, the pulp is a vital tissue that supplies nutrients to the tooth that makes the tooth strong. However, in root canal treatment entire pulp is removed. So after completion of the root canal procedure, the tooth is non-vital and brittle due to a cut in nutritional supply. Hence the tooth is vulnerable to fracture if exposed to inadvertent masticatory forces. Thereby placing a dental crown is paramount to support the tooth for no further damage.

The cost of root canal treatment in Gurgaon depends on the extent of damage, the problem’s severity, and the dentist’s experience. The fee charged by endodontists could be much higher than the general dentist.

Also, the cost of root canal treatment varies based on the location of the city and the type of treatment. It ranges between Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 12,000 for most RCT procedures in Gurgoan.

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