What is Root Canal Treatment?: Procedure steps, Cost, Recovery and More

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Dental issues may occur right at the roots of teeth, without catching your attention but the eventual pain and discomfort can be too much to handle. Root canals are a dental procedure, carried out to remove infections that can become the root cause of excruciating pain and disrupt routine activities like talking and eating. The need to avail of a root canal treatment becomes apparent when certain symptoms appear prominently and signal that it is time to visit a dentist.

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What is a Root Canal Treatment (RCT)?
When do you need Root Canal Treatment?
How is it Done?
Benefits of Root Canal Treatment
Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR

What is Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal dental treatment involves removal of the soft pulp found at the centre of a tooth, which comprises blood vessels, tissues and nerve endings. The procedure may become eminent if the pulp becomes infected, which can lead to severe pain and inflammation.

A tooth can continue to function even if the pulp tissue is removed completely. Hence, removing the pulp may become necessary to preserve the tooth itself and the adjoining teeth, from catching the infection.

Advanced root canal treatment in Gurgaon can be performed in less than two hours with the use of special equipment. It may even prove to be less painful and reduce the discomfort involved in the treatment.

Another advanced and meticulous approach to perform a root canal is through laser-assisted techniques. The process is minimally invasive and highly accurate, which helps to protect the original structure of the tooth to a greater extent. As compared to traditional root canal procedures, laser treatments are highly preferred today.

When Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Determining when you need to visit the best Dental Clinic for root canal treatment in Gurgaon is key to preserving your teeth from further damage and decay. You should look out for several warning signs which indicate an urgent need to obtain RCT Treatment in Gurgaon:

-Severe pain in the teeth while eating or talking.

-Sensitivity to extreme temperatures, even after the hot or cold food has been removed.

-Changes in the colour of the tooth.

-The feeling of tenderness in the gum area surrounding the affected tooth.

-The occurrence of persistent swelling on the gum.

-Constant chipping and cracking of teeth.

root canal treatment in Gurgaon

How Is It Done?

When you arrive at a dental clinic to avail of painless root canal treatment in Gurgaon, you may undergo some preliminary consultation with the dentist along with getting an X-ray. After administering local anesthesia, your dentist will proceed to make an opening at the top of the infected tooth. They will use special files to remove the pulp entirely from the tooth.

Once they are sure that the canal is completely free of infectious pulp, they will apply to disinfect material to eliminate the risk of leaving behind any residue infection. Next, a special sealing paste will be used to seal off the exposed root canal so that no substance may be able to enter the cavity.

Subsequently, your dentist will fill the canal with a temporary filling and place a crown over it to prevent reinfection of the treated tooth. This last step completes the painless root canal treatment in Gurgaon.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

If you plan to undergo RCT Treatment in Gurgaon, here are some benefits which you will gather:

Affordable treatment which saves your natural tooth and prevents tooth extraction.

Stops spreading of the tooth infection to the surrounding teeth.
The procedure restores the natural appearance of the tooth.
Prevents further loss of bone which is common if one or more teeth go missing.

Near painless experience which is hassle-free and can be completed even in a single sitting with advanced methods.


After the treatment is complete, you will only need a day or two to feel normal again. While there is almost no pain involved during the treatment, you may be bothered by the sensations on your treated tooth.

In order to ensure that your treatment lasts without the need to carry it out again, you should seek your dentist’s suggestion to cover the treated tooth with a dental crown, after filling the cavity. It should be done at the earliest, as soon as you begin feeling more comfortable with your teeth.

Some of the factors which impact the recovery period are:

Teeth with a greater extent of infection may take greater time to recover
The expertise of the dentist in administering root canal treatment in Gurgaon
How well are teeth taken care of, once the procedure is complete

In order to aid the teeth in recovering smoothly after completing a root canal, the following measures must be observed:

-Follow the advice of the dentist.

-Observe complete oral hygiene including regular brushing and flossing of teeth.

-Consult your dentist in time if any changes in the appearance of the treated tooth are observed.

-At Smilexpertz, you will get the best treatment with the proper instructions about “how you can take care of your teeth after RCT”.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR

The Cost of root canal treatment in Gurgaon can vary. Generally, the cost of root canal treatment can start with INR 4,000 and escalate up to IN 10,000, including the cost of filling and setting a crown.

Some of the factors which can easily influence the Cost of root canal treatment in Gurgaon include the location of the dental clinic and the acceptability of insurance. The skill and experience of the dentist, along with the equipment used by them will determine how far the treatment cost escalates.

Besides, the position of the tooth to be treated also impacts the cost of the treatment, since different challenges are involved in accessing certain teeth. Additionally, the extent of damage to the tooth will also come to impact the overall cost of the treatment since significant damage may require extensive processing and increased time to treat. At Smilexpertz, You can get the best treatment and care at an affordable cost.


Root canals are among the most common dental treatments and can be carried out without causing significant pain or discomfort. However, you should seek the best Dental Clinic for root canal treatment in Gurgaon to avail of the treatment, where experts work with ultimate professional care and expertise. Walk in for a consultation at Smilexpertz today and get your teeth checked by an expert dentist.