Teeth Whitening Treatment: How it works, types, benefits, and cost

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Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you are unhappy with the yellowish stained teeth and feel uncomfortable smiling because of them, then cheer up. New and effective techniques are now available for teeth whitening to return that beautiful smile of yours. The teeth whitening treatment has become the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure to whiten and brighten your teeth and help you get back your healthier, beautiful, and more attractive teeth, renewing your zeal and confidence. This article will throw some light on different types and the costs of tooth whitening treatments and where you can consult for the best clinic for tooth whitening in Gurgaon.


Feel free to skip ahead if one topic catches your eye: 

  1.     Why are your teeth yellow?
  2.     When Should You Consider Teeth Whitening?
  3.     Types of Teeth Whitening Treatment
  4.     FAQ’s



 1-Why are your teeth yellow?

Let us learn about some of the causes of why teeth look yellow?

  • The Thickness of the Enamel:

    Enamel is the outermost covering of your tooth, which is the hardest, white in colour, and translucent. Inside the enamel lies the softer and sensitive part of your tooth called Dentin, which is dark yellow. The thickness of the enamel varies in each individual, so the thinner the enamel, the more will be the visibility of the yellowish shade of the underlying dentin. If your teeth look yellow even after maintaining very good oral hygiene, it may be because of the thinner enamel.


  •  Genetics:

    Sometimes, yellowish, greyish, or reddish-brown teeth may be your natural colour which may be hereditary.


  • Bad oral hygiene

    : A yellow coating can accumulate around your teeth if you don’t brush or floss enough or thoroughly. Apart from giving an unaesthetic look, it also contributes to bad breath and dental issues like gum disease and cavities.


  • Staining due to Tobacco:

    Nicotine, tar, and other chemicals from smoking cause yellow or brownish surface staining on your teeth.


  • Your diet:

    Foods and drinks which you take also can be the causal factors of staining of your teeth like:


o   Coffee and tea.

o   Red wine

o   Curries

o   Berries.

o   Soy sauce

o   Balsamic vinegar.

o   Beetroot.

o   Certain acidic drinks: like soda, sports drinks, etc., erode the teeth, reducing the whiteness of teeth and making them more susceptible to staining.


  •  Ageing:

    Causes yellowish and dull teeth because of thinning of the enamel.

  • Medications:

    Certain antibiotics like amoxicillin or tetracycline may cause stained teeth.


  • Fluorosis:

    Fluoride is a good anti-carious substance, but excess usage can cause staining of teeth.


  • Accidents or injuries:

    It may crack the tooth surface and cause damage to the interior of the tooth, causing staining.

  •  Grinding of teeth:

    This may result in the weakening of enamel and yellow discoloration.   

  2- When should you consider tooth whitening treatment?

If looking at your teeth makes you feel unhappy, it’s the right time to consider teeth whitening treatment. You may consider it if:

  •  You feel conscious about your teeth and want to improve your self-confidence with a healthier, beautiful smile to improve your overall appearance.
  • Your teeth are stained and discoloured due to drinking excessive tea/coffee/alcohol.
  • Because of ageing, there is dullness, loss of whiteness, and the shine of your teeth.
  • Your teeth look unhealthy and have a yellowish appearance due to the consumption of certain medicines like antibiotics.
  •  If injury or accident has caused damage to your teeth structures, making them look anaesthetic.
  •  You have a natural yellowish/ greyish coloration of your teeth and want them pearly white.
  • You are a smoker and want your brownish-stained and unhealthy-looking teeth to look whiter and attractive and can quit smoking.
  • You have realistic expectations with the treatment.
  •  You have natural teeth and not artificial ones.
  •  If you are ready to put in efforts of proper cleaning and maintaining good oral hygiene.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

3-Types of Teeth Whitening Treatment.


There are various types of teeth whitening treatment available which you may choose according to your dentist’s guidance.


  • Home-based self-use techniques:

    These are techniques that do not require going to a dental clinic, and you can perform yourself at home:


o   Teeth whitening toothpaste:

These kinds of toothpaste contain mild abrasives to remove stains, hydrogen peroxide/carbamide peroxide to enhance whitening, and sometimes a substance blue Covarine, which gives the illusion of whiter teeth instantly. These are usually used twice a day and take 2-3 weeks to improve whiteness to around 1-2 shades.


o   Tooth Whitening kits:

These kits may contain strips or gels which can be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The whitening strips are flexible strips with a coating of bleach on one side and placed on upper and lower teeth for about half an hour. Gels are like toothpaste applied through toothbrushes or through readymade or custom-made trays. The gel is placed over these trays and worn overnight, depending upon the instructions mentioned. They contain around 10% peroxide, and the final results are visible after 4 months.


o   Tooth whitening rinses:

They are mouthwashes that contain hydrogen peroxide (2%) for removing surface stains from your teeth. They also have antimicrobial and tooth strengthening ingredients. The directions must be followed as mentioned by the manufacturer.


  • Professional teeth whitening solutions:

    These are carried out at a dental clinic by a dentist.

o   Laser teeth whitening:

This technique is the quickest and most effective teeth whitening treatment. It uses a laser beam to facilitate the action of the chemicals applied to the teeth for whitening like hydrogen peroxide. One cycle takes around 40-45 minutes, and this is done for 3-4 cycles till the required shade is achieved.

o   Zoom teeth whitening:

This works the same as laser teeth whitening except that it uses LED lights to accelerate the whitening agent.

These teeth whitening techniques can whiten the teeth more than 8 shades, and the results are visible after the 1st session.


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1-How much does the teeth whitening treatment cost in Delhi NCR?


The cost depends upon your teeth condition, the clinic’s location, and the treatment. The average cost ranges from 500-6000 INR for home care treatment and 8000-12000 INR for professional treatment.

 2-How long do the results of teeth whitening treatment last?

The at-home treatments last for a few days to a few weeks depending upon what technique and products are used, while the professional treatments last for around 6-12 months.

 3-How to care for our teeth after the whitening treatment?

  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid foods that can stain teeth or rinse immediately after having those.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly.




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